Purge the surge.


Protect your gear with an Ampfibian Caravan Surge Protector

Most caravan insurance policies, campground cover and product warranties specifically exclude damage from power surges. And while your caravan’s residual current device (RCD) and circuit breakers protect from electrocution or overloads, they don’t provide surge protection.

Power surges damage electronic equipment and are caused by:

  • distant lightning strikes
  • power outages
  • generators running out of fuel

The best insurance you can take wherever you go is an Ampfibian Caravan Surge Protector.

Surge protection



The complete surge protection package.

  • Weatherproof
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Outlet tester with indicator lights
  • 1000 Joule protection

Pay with 4 X $22.50

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Surge Protection replacement cartridge.

  • 1000 Joule Protection
  • Outlet tester with indicator lights

Pay with 4 X $15.00

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Surge Protection replacement cartridge.

  • 500 Joule Protection

Pay with 4 X $12.50

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