Ampfibian – Australia’s No.1 in caravan electrical safety

There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road. At Ampfibian we are big fans of packing up the van to explore this great country.

During our travels we were shocked at how many caravan, RV and motorhome enthusiasts are taking unnecessary risks with electricity – especially when connecting 15A caravans to standard 10A power. Modified leads –’death leads’ – are not just a fire hazard, they’re illegal and will void insurance in the event of a fire or other damage.

Ampfibian designed Australia’s first 15A to 10A adaptor in 2005. Today our adaptors are the trusted name for safely and legally connecting wherever 15A power is not available.

Based in Northern NSW Ampfibian’s award-winning electrical safety products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Built tough for life on the road and reliable performance under all conditions, our range includes caravan power adaptors, surge protectors, and weatherproof connector protectors.

Wherever the road takes you, get there and back safely with Ampfbian – electrical safety solutions designed by caravanners for caravanners.

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