Best Caravan Accessories 2021

Having the best caravan accessories can make a difference between a great and safe motorhome experience and a bland one. There are over 100 accessories to explore. However, some are more vital than others. For newcomers into the nomad lifestyle, choosing the right accessories can be a tough challenge owing to the large number of products on the market. Hopefully, this list will make your experience less stressful. Without further chitchat, let’s get started. 

1. Siroco portable 12V fan

Planning a caravan to a warm location? You need this sirocco fan. The innovative design of the Sirocco fan allows 360 degrees of airflow. It is not surprising that it is one of the most popular caravan fans. Although it has three fan speed settings, it still runs quietly—even at the highest speed. Finally, it has a low power draw. Since caravans rely heavily on solar or stored power, low-energy consumption gadgets are priceless. 

2. X1 weatherproof protector

Water is electronics’ biggest enemy. Since some of your connections will be outside the caravan, it is vital to keep them waterproof. X1 weatherproof protector is your best bet. It keeps your connections firmly locked in a dry compartment with an IP55 waterproof rating. This eliminates the risk of electrocution and damage to your devices. 

3. Collapsible or stackable kitchen utensils

Camping or caravanning doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your favourite dishes. However, due to the want for space, you need kitchen utensils that can fold or stack together after use. Make sure your choice has a non-stick, long-lasting coating for easy cleaning. 

4. First aid box

 If you want to venture into the wild, the first aid box can be the difference between life and death. From simple irritation to cuts or insect bites, having a first aid box can help you to manage situations quickly. Make sure you choose a first aid kit with all the essential supplies. You can go a step further by educating yourself on how to use the first aid box. 

5. Tool kit

You can never trust mechanical and electrical equipment to behave as they should. It is always a smart idea to carry a tool kit with you. Peradventure your caravan breaks down, it is better to have all the tools you will need to try to salvage the situation. Even if you cannot fix the problem, you can look for someone to help. 

6. Portable rack for drying clothes

Depending on your craving for adventure, you can spend weeks or months on the caravan. You need more than sticks and ropes to hang your clothes. This is why portable cloth drying racks are becoming more popular. They are easy to set up, move around, and secure to the ground. 


While these accessories will help you to make the most of your caravan experience, you need to think about safety too. Three caravan accessories that come to mind when you mention safety are levelling ramp, reverse camera, and tow mirrors. Even if you cannot afford to have other accessories, make sure you have these basics with you wherever you go. They will come in handy.


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