Ampfibian founder and director David Betterridge recently present to the Queensland chapter of the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA). David was invited to present by Catherine Thompson, Executive Member of the CSDAA and Managing Director of Queensland Concrete Drilling & Cutting Pty Ltd.

Catherine has been using a couple of Ampfibian RV02-MAXes in her business to safely and legally connect 15A cutting equipment. Most construction sites typically provide 10A regular outlets and 3 phase power, but lack dedicated 15A (flat-pin) outlets.

Catherine’s investment in those Ampfibian units was repaid handsomely, when two other concrete cutting firms were ejected from a construction site, because they used illegally modified leads to connect their equipment. These other businesses created a hazardous electrical environment for themselves, endangered the wiring and electricity supply of the site, and invalidated their own insurance.

Illegally modified 10A-15A leads, or “death-leads”, circumvent the inherent lock-out protection afforded by Australian Standards. If illegally modified equipment is found to have contributed to an accident, it will invalidate any insurance cover and can result in criminal charges being laid.

As a spokesperson and with a high profile in her industry, Catherine has been pro-active in ensuring that her business operates to the highest safety and legal standards. For her it’s not just about following the letter of the law, but ensuring that all her employees enjoy the safest possible working environment.

It’s about making sure everyone returns safely home from work.

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