What’s unique about the Ampfibian surge protector?

It is the first portable surge protector for caravans and RVs, and it has a “traffic light” outlet tester that allows you to test the circuit you’re about to plug into.

The surge protector is the complete solution to all caravanner’s needs “no more dicking around”:

  • Connects directly (and legally) to the caravan’s power supply cable (15A plug and socket);
  • It does not require a certified electrician to install or replace;
  • It comes in a weatherproof housing (IP55);
  • Protects everything in your caravan (inverter, appliances, etc.)

The integrated outlet tester has a simple “traffic lights” indicator:

  • GREEN means there is power available and you’re good to go;
  • ORANGE means the surge protector has died protecting your expensive gear and needs replacing;
  • RED means “Stop”, incorrectly wired outlet, do not use (unless it’s a portable generator).

The surge protector is compatible with Ampfibian 15A to 10A caravan power adaptors (RV-PLUS and MAX) for use at home or at a mate’s place

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