Why do I need an Ampfibian for my caravan or rv?

The Ampfibian RV02-MAX is the safest way to connect an RV or caravan to a standard /domestic 10A power supply.

Caravans and RVs are designed to be connected to dedicated 15A power outlets like those provided in caravan parks. The appliances inside the van will operate happily below 10A, but the current draw increases as more appliances (air conditioner, fridge, hairdryer, lights, etc.) are switched on.

An Ampfibian connected between the supply and the van acts like a limiting switch, keeping the maximum amount of power to 10A, protecting the house’s electrical circuit.

The Ampfibian offers:
– Overload protection for equipment and wiring (10A circuit breaker)
– Personal protection with integrated RCD (Residual Current Device)
– More connection options (home, friend’s place, showground, camp site, etc.)
– Regulatory compliance (they are certified, registered and controlled articles)

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