Why do I need an Ampfibian on my work site?

The Ampfibian RV02-MAX is weatherproof and has a H-Class rating (IP55 weatherproofing and IK08 impact rating) for commercial use on work-sites.

It allows you to safely and legal connect 15A loads (welders, drills, cutters, etc.) to 10A power supplies on commercial and industrial sites. The MAX is also the safest way to connect a 15A caravan or RV to a 10A domestic outlet.

Many trade tools are designed to be connected to dedicated 15A power outlets. Most of these tools will operate with a 10A supply (though some may not reach the full duty cycle). An Ampfibian connected between the supply and the load is like a limiting switch, keeping the maximum amount of power t0 10A.

Ampfibians offer the following benefits:
– Overload protection for equipment and wiring (circuit breaker)
– Personal protection with integrated RCD (Residual Current Device)
– More connection options (flexibility, convenience, greater productivity)
– Workplace safety compliance (they are certified, registered and controlled articles)

There are nine products in the Ampfibian Industrial Range, allowing 10A or 15A devices to be directly connected to 15A-50A single, or three phase sockets.

Don’t risk using illegally modified equipment on work sites. It creates a hazardous electrical environment, can invalidate insurance, and will get you kicked off the site for those reasons.

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