New Product Release – The RV-PLUS

We are delighted to announce the new power & safety adaptor from Ampfibian: the RV-PLUS.

It is built on nine year’s experience designing and making power adaptors, feedback from more than 7000 surveys (thank you for those), and innumerable conversations with people who love to travel.

The RV-PLUS includes everything travellers need: nothing less, nothing more.

It is weatherproof, really weatherproof, to IP-55… accidently hit-it-with-the-hose weatherproof. No matter which way it faces, not matter how large or small the lead plugged into it, or if there is one at all. If it rains or storms, you’re safe.

It is compact: smaller than it’s big brother the MAX, and lighter, too. The housing holds the lead wrapped in place, with a clip to keep it there.

It is safe: the case is tough-as-nails, the power lead is thick and strong, every single unit is individually tested. All Australian electrical and other standard have been met or exceeded, approved and certified.

The socket has a power-on indicator light. It’s not super bright to distract you from the stars at night, just enough to let you know it is “on”.

The clear cover that seals the breaker and internal socket can be padlocked closed for extra piece of mind while you’re off fishing and exploring.

The quality is what you expect from Ampfibian: this is one tough puppy. Once you hold it you’ll know what we mean. Designed and made in Australia, our standard two-year warranty applies.

Our purpose is to make life safer and more convenient for people. The less our products cost, the more people can afford them, making the world a safer place for all. At a recommended retail price of $149.00, we reckon it’s within everybody’s reach.

The RV-PLUS will be launched at the Brisbane Caravan, Camper and Touring Supershow on the 8th of June, and rolled out across the country after that. Travel well, stay safe.

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