The people have spoken: “We want the job done safely”

Welders are ditching their unsafe and illegal 15A to 10A leads and are connecting with Ampfibian power adaptors. At Ampfibian we love hearing about people using our adaptors for new applications, because every time somebody uses one they are not using a “death lead” that’s waiting to wreak havoc on someone’s house, work, life.

Welders and caravan owners have an identical problem: they can’t connect their 15A device to a 10A powerpoint safely and legally. 15A welders can be powered from 10A outlets provided the load does not exceed 10A and an Ampfibian power adaptor is used to connect the two. The Ampfibian will trip if the load exceeds 10A, protecting the powerpoint and wiring. Ampfibians are also fitted with residual current devices (RCDs) that protect people from electrocution.

There are two models suitable for welders: the Ampfibian MINI has a 15A socket outlet with an RCD, a 2400W circuit breaker and a 10A wall-plug so you can safely and legally connect to a 10A outlet. Designed for indoor use, the MINI is an affordable and robust product that should be part of every welder’s toolbox.

The Ampfibian MAX is for welders that work outside or in rough conditions. It has the same electrical specifications as the MINI, but is weatherproof to IP55 and has a H-Class rating for trade and construction. It can be tested and tagged, comes with a stainless steel security bracket and a place to put a lockout tag. Perfect for the serious welder.

So we are asking you to help spread the word, if you know a welder out there let them know Ampfibian power adaptors allow them to work safely and legally!

Click here for more information on the Ampfibian MINI 15A – 10A power adaptor

Click here for more information on the Ampfibian MAX 15A – 10A power adaptor

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