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Power Adapters


Meet the Ampfibian – What Tradies Want – Aug 2015

What Tradies Want Magazine recently reviewed our company. See more below,

‘Ampfibian Pty Ltd is an Australian company that designs and manufactures personal power adapters; committed to improving electrical safety for people and businesses. In 2005, David Betterridge tried to plug his caravan in at home with zero success. He was advised to either install an expensive 15A power circuit, or make what’s referred to as an illegal death lead. In 2007, after thoroughly investigating the relevant Australian electrical standards, David successfully lobbied to have the 15A power circuit amended to the 10A connection inclusive of specific electronic hardware.’

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Easily Adapted – Camper Trailer Australia – Dec 2015

The Camper Trailer Australia Magazine recently featured Ampfibian in their December issue.

‘So you want to use the camper at home but realise your 15A inlet is not quite compatible to your 10A home supply.

Perhaps if you rig up a super dodgy fix it’ll be sweet? Sure you’ll void the warranty and insurance on all your major investments and create a needless fire risk but at least it’ll keep the beer cool (for a while)…’

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Plug & Play – iMotorhome – Dec 2015

iMotorhome Magazine recently featured a product review on Ampfibian.

‘There’s a dirty little secret in the RV world: Many people make up their own adapters to connect a 15A power lead to a 10A home power socket. It’s done so they can charge up their vehicle’s house batteries, cool down the fridge before a trip and even run all the systems if using the vehicle as guest accommodation. Not only is it illegal, it’s dangerous…’

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