15A – 10A

Ampfibian® connects your caravan/RV to a standard household powerpoint safely and legally.

The difference between a standard domestic powerpoint and a caravan/RV is the amount of power they are designed to carry. A household powerpoint is designed to operate at up to 10A (amps) but a caravan/RV is designed to operate at up to 15A of power. For safety reasons a 15A caravan lead does not plug into a standard 10A household powerpoint.

Ampfibian safely and legally connects a 15A load (e.g caravan) to a standard 10A domestic powerpoint, protecting the domestic power supply from overloading.

Ampfibian additionally includes an earth leakage safety switch (RCD) which protects people from potential electric shocks through faulty wiring or appliances.

  • Safely connect to domestic outlets
  • Overload protection
  • Personal safety device (RCD)
  • Weatherproof to IP55
  • Cleat secures outlet lead
  • Suits leads up 12mm in diameter
  • H-Class rated
  • Designed and made in Australia